Chris and Shannon are two of the kindest, sweetest individuals ever!  We met up with them at Spicer's Orchard in Hartland for their engagement portraits and immediately felt connected with them.  They are quiet, calm and a lot of fun to be around!  We absolutely loved how we were able to see them visibly relax and become more comfortable in front of the camera as our time together went on.  It was a perfect example of why we love engagement sessions so much - it is so valuable to be able to have the time to connect and to really get to know each other, so that on the day of the wedding there are no nervous jitters regarding photography.  There are so many other things to fill a couple's mind on their wedding day and we're glad to help them relax as much as possible throughout their day.

It was so intriguing to be able to share in one of Chris' biggest pastimes for part of his and Shannon's e-session.  Chris is a pilot and a flight instructor so it was no big deal for him to fly his plane over to the Fenton airport for the portraits.  The airport was neat and there were so many things that made the evening perfect - the couple, the location, the sky!  The night was truly unbelievable and I do believe we kept saying so the entire time.  lol

Shannon and Chris' wedding is coming up later this summer at St John's Catholic Church in Fenton with their reception at the Coyote Preserve in Fenton as well.  This will be our first wedding to photograph at these two locations and we are so excited to experience them both with Chris and Shannon.  We know their day is going to be absolutely perfect!  Meanwhile, enjoy these teasers of the soon-to-be newlyweds!

~ Kevin & Heather