About Us


About Us

What about us?  Why are we photographers?  Of course out of a love of photography, but is there more?  There absolutely is!  Prior to getting married ourselves we had marriage role models pouring into our lives over and over.  And what a difference that made in our relationship and getting started on this adventure together!!  We want to have that ability to help influence marriages as well in any way that we can.  Marriage, in our opinion, is for life.  Some of our relationship influences have been married for just short of 70 years.....married for 70 YEARS!!  That's what we want,  and what we want for our couples...a relationship that sticks together through everything; sickness, financial droughts, decades of anniversaries, struggles, blessings, travel, business growth, taking chances and making mistakes, blessing others whenever possible, raising a wonderful legacy of a family....

You might be asking, what does all of this have to do with photography?  Memories and moments... and the documentation of both.  We're all about telling stories.  Your story. Documenting your story so that the generations to come will know you and learn your legacy.

Photography is what we do.  It's our company.  It's our primary income.  It's our passion.  It's a love of ours.  And because of all this, we take taking care of our clients very seriously.

Us in a nutshell

Christ followers. A sarcastic husband. A spunky wife. An unfathomable love for each other. An unbreakable friendship. A fearless photography duo. Crazy parents 4X over. Photographers that get to serve brides, grooms and all other clients on the first day of the rest of their lives.

We're a husband and wife photography team specializing in on location natural and strobe lighting. We are passionate about love, life and each other!

We love each other and we love what we do.

ignited Photography was formed because we desired to do something new, something different and something together. We are dedicated to our craft, our commitments and are passionate about great photography. We can give you something that is impossible to find elsewhere - a husband and wife team dedicated to designing and capturing moments for you . . . moments and stories that are uniquely and remarkably yours.


Kevin and I met back when we were both teenagers attending the same church. Kevin was head-over-heels in love with me, but my sights were set elsewhere. He asked me out four times (the first time when I was only 15) and I turned him down each time. He was one of my best friends, but I obviously didn't realize how attached I was to him until we were parted for six months when I was 18.

When I saw Kevin again after that time, I thought, "Gee, I really missed him."

That quickly grew to, "Man, I REALLY missed him".

Then overnight it seemed to become an, "Oh my goodness, I think I LIKE him!?!"

Within four months it was, "I love this man and want to spend the rest of my life with him."

I had known him for over four years and we knew each other's personalities, likes and dislikes, style and life-goals. We were both madly in love and still are to this day - with over eleven years of marriage under our belt! Kevin is my best friend, my life-long love and my hunk! I always vowed that I would marry (a non-smoking version of) the Marlboro Man (ruggedly handsome, smart, strong, capable, good with horses and animals, etc.) and I got him!

I love you, Kevin Autry. <3


Before I even formally met Heather, I walked into church one afternoon when she was singing a solo on stage. In an instant, I had one of those "she's the one" moments! I felt certain that someday I was going to marry that girl, even though I didn't really know who she was yet.

Immediately I began the pursuit. I started hanging out with her, befriending her friends and planting myself strategically near her at all youth group events. However, the prize was elusive.

After four failed attempts, I began to doubt my initial convictions and didn't see Heather for many months. By chance, we spent an afternoon together after church and things seemed just like old times - we were great friends and got along effortlessly. It killed me to know that Heather just didn't see things the same way I saw things, but I wasn't going to get attached again.

Very soon, however, I realized that Heather was acting differently and she opened up one night and told me flat out that she liked me! I could've fallen flat on the floor, I was in so much shock! Our relationship developed very quickly, but solidly because it was based on years of friendship and trust. After just a few months of dating I asked Heather to marry me "unofficially" ('shhh, don't tell our parents since I didn't have a good job and we were both so young'). I told her I would give her a ring and ask officially when I was making a solid income and could afford to take care of her.

As you can imagine, the very day I got hired full time at a company, I got the ring, I got the roses and I got on my knee! Since then we've never looked back and lived life together to it's fullest. I can't tell you how great life is living every day with your best friend!


Our Clan

Our Clan

What have we begun?!?!

We are constantly growing and learning about how to be good parents, and it takes a lot to know where the correct line of balance is.  We have our four babies and a business baby.  The line is there, but family will ALWAYS trump business.

What kind of legacy have we left if all we give them is a business they grew to hate because it took away their parents?

A quote that we both love is, "It is better to give your kids the values you have than the valuables you can't afford."  We try to live our lives investing in our children and we pray that God will help us deal with everything else.