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We believe in bold, unashamed love.

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We believe in memories that take you right back to that one, incredible moment.

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We believe in love that lasts forever.

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We believe to love is to adore.

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We believe in the exciting, no-holds-bar, no regrets kind of love. 


Mike Laureys {Groom}

Hiring Kevin and Heather to photograph our wedding was the best decision my wife and I made besides saying “YES” on our wedding day. My wife went to a bridal show last Spring and came home said, "You have to meet these photographers that I just met, I love them.” Later, she found out she won the grand prize package from another photographer at the show. At that point I was convinced my decision would be to take the deal from the other photographers. Luckily, she convinced me to meet with Kevin and Heather. We met with them at their office, reviewed their work, and quickly learned of their amazing personalities as they learned more about us as a couple including where we met, our interests and wedding visions. We immediately knew that it was a no brainer, and we signed a contract with Ignited Photography. BEST decision ever. In the past we had both been in many weddings (my wife has stood in 13!!) where the photographers were annoying or they managed to find the right time to take pictures at the worst moment (gnawing on steak). This is definitely not the case with Heather and Kevin. You also spend a lot of time with your photographers on your wedding day so we feel that it is important that you click with them. Heather and Kevin's personalities allow them to click with anyone. Our friends and family all have very different personalities and they all commented on how awesome our photographers were. We even have several friends that after seeing some of their work are asking about how to book them. It is also very evident that Heather and Kevin are in love. What better couple to take your wedding pictures and spend the day with than two people who entirely in love each other. They understood the stress associated with our wedding day and found the right times to crack a joke to make us feel at ease. Another helpful thing they did for us was help us with the timeline for our wedding day. We really didn’t know how much time to allow for each activity/photo opportunity and Heather was incredibly responsive in helping plan what time all the events needed to take place in order for our day to run smoothly. Her ideas and help in scheduling went a long way to calm our somewhat-frazzled nerves. On our wedding day they took the most amazing photos. In fact, at one point a guest said, "Someone is on the roof filming your wedding, did you know that?" Kevin had climbed to the top of the roof of a nearby parking structure to take pictures looking down on us and our guests. The pictures turned out amazing. The moments that they captured of us our families and our wedding party were truly magical. We can now look at the pictures and are immediately brought back to the day, the best day of our lives! The talent they have is phenomenal, especially their ability to get the colors and lighting to perfection. They even took amazing pictures of our rehearsal dinner, what other photographer does that! We have gotten compliments on our wedding photos like you wouldn’t believe; many of my friends and relatives have said that they have never seen better wedding photos taken. They are fun, energetic, kind and managed to be everywhere at once, capturing each important moment. I feel truly blessed to have been able to meet Kevin and Heather. It was the best day of our lives and it was over in a Flash (pun intended). Even though the wedding is over, we will always use Kevin and Heather for any of our photography needs. We don’t only consider them as amazing photographers, but friends. They are the type of people that you want to surround yourself around. They are truly remarkable people who take truly remarkable photos.

Ashley Bellers {Bride}

OMG! These two were amazing! With all the chaos of the wedding party getting ready....heading to the venue, these two were just calm and collected! What amazing pictures they took! As the parents of the bride, Heather and Kevin are at the top of their game! They are very professional but friendly....making the whole group feel very comfortable in an otherwise crazy time! Thank you Kevin and Heather for making our daughter Ashley's wedding day just perfect! Can't wait to see more pictures....the pictures so far....are beautiful! You guys are going to make it hard to "PICK" just a few! We are going to want "all of them"!

Paula Wright {Bride}

Heather and Kevin at ignited Photography were God-sends at our wedding! They were professional, helpful, and so knowledgeable that on my wedding day I felt totally secure that whatever might happen, we would get amazing wedding pictures, and we did! We choose a wedding location based on the beauty of the scenery (The Ahwahnee in Yosemite), and they were able to travel to our location and take amazing pictures within our budget. I was so thrilled with their service and results!

Chris Yeates {Groom}

We used Kevin and Heather as our wedding photographers and we couldn’t be happier to have met them. From the initial meeting to the engagement session through the end of the wedding day, they were such a joy to work with and were very thorough in everything that they did. We heard from many guests that Kevin and Heather have great personalities and helped make the night enjoyable. The two work very well together and we are highly satisfied customers. Still referring them to everyone we know who is getting married. O and they also take awesome pictures (BONUS).

Nicola Wilson {Wedding Planner}

Heather and Kevin of Ignited Photography are amazing people to work with, who have a true passion for their work. If you want to have that special photo to capture that moment, Heather and Kevin will capture it. I do not hesitate to recommend them to any of my clients." Nicola Wilson Simply Brilliant Events

Alyson Majtan {Bride}

Hiring Kevin and Heather to photograph our wedding was the best decision! Both my husband and I are nervous in front of the camera and they actually made it fun and relaxing. We had them shoot our engagement photos as well which was great. Not only were the photos amazing, but it gave us a chance to get to know them and by the time the wedding came around it was like they were friends so there was no reason to be nervous. My husband and I had been to so many weddings where the photographers presence was obtrusive. Kevin and Heather are the ninja photographers. They were never in the way of our guests view or in our face stopping us from enjoying the moment. It all just felt so natural and calm. I have no idea how they got some of the shots they did! Our photos are creative and interesting. We couldn't be more pleased with the experience we had with ignited photography!

Caitlin Schneider {Bride}

Absolutely amazing! We can not thank Kevin and Heather enough for all that they did for our special day! From the moment we met with them we knew they were "the ones"! Kevin and Heather were comforting, encouraging, patient, and extremely talented professionals to work with through the whole process! Most of the other vendors we had selected were also signing their praises and so excited that they got to work with them for our wedding once they found out we had hired them as our photographers. My husband and I knew we were going to spend a good portion of our budget on pictures, (You will have them forever!) so we went for one of the top packages with Kevin and Heather... Worth every penny!!! We did a Bridal portrait session before the wedding and they worked super fast to get them edited and printed before the wedding which was not far away. They even had an ipad for us at dinner to view a preview of some of the pictures we had taken! All of our guest were blown away! Heather stayed with me while I got ready with my bridesmaids while Kevin went to the church and got some great detail shots. I can't stress enough to anyone how great it was having TWO photographers! They also had an assistant with them the day of the wedding who was super sweet and helpful. We are still getting compliments on how fun and talented they all were. They made it so easy and fun to get great shots. It was never uncomfortable or awkward shooting with them. They kept it light and quick, which my husband really appreciated! (he's a bit ADHAD ;) )

David Schmitke {Groom}

As a perspective bride/groom, it's easy to think that all wedding photographers are the same. However, after attending and doing videography for a various weddings, and going through my own, I can tell you this is a common misconception. While the basics of pointing and shooting a camera may seem easier with technology, the need for professionalism in business and excellence in skill still exists. Enter ignited Photography, a husband-wife photography team that stands out from the rest for their superior skills, honest character, and fun personalities. My wife and I were blessed to have ignited Photography along for our big day. There is wisdom in hiring a photography company that comes with two skilled photographers; as one manned lighting, the other worked with the subjects to get the right tone, a team effort that made for a perfect shot. Yet not only are these two skilled at what they do, they are also two people of quality character who are there on your big day for YOU. I cannot tell you how many times Kevin or Heather confidently smiled as my wife and I stressed over the little details or just the nerves of the moment. ignited Photography was a calm, steady force throughout the events of the day, bringing encouragement and laughter when needed, yet always doing quality work and accomplishing their mission of capturing our special moment. I really can't recommend these two enough; everything about their work at our wedding; from the pre-ceremony photos, to the way they interacted with our guests/family, to their setting up a table at our reception to show off pictures from earlier in the day(and passing around an iPad for guests to view as well!) was top-notch. If you need any more convincing feel free to contact me directly, or just head over to their blog and see for yourself. Remember, you're not only getting those quality photos to help remember your wedding, but also two people who will be on your side and help enhance your special day.

Christiana Wagner {Bride}

OMG! This dynamic couple take charge in the photography area! Aaron and I, as wanna-be-photographers ourselves, wouldn't have chosen anyone else. They set the stage, take the shot, without hesitation and with confidence. Their work has minimal need for touch-ups and manipulating on the computer. They don't need use lighting techniques on the computer because they get the lighting perfectly in the actual picture! They're amazing! They use that lighting to best capture the quality, clarity and beauty of the day. The Kevin and Heather Autry were a CLEAR choice for us! I cannot brag enough about their! Awesome!

Deanna Cronk {Mother of the Groom}

Just love Kevin & Heather! The photos we have seen so far are amazing and they were absolutely awesome to work with. Everything was perfectly timed and went off like clockwork. They are extremely creative, easy going and fun - can't wait to see the final pictures! Highly recommend this couple!

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Wedding FAQ

Wedding FAQ

Q. How far in advance do I need to book you?

A. Typically we are hired on 12-18 months before your wedding date.

Q. Can we get the digital files of our wedding proofs?

A. Absolutely! If we were getting married again, the digital files would be a MUST! With our custom packages, you can choose whether or not to purchase the digital files with your package. All of our digital files are high-resolution and come with a print release so you can print and share them with your friends and family.

Q. How far will you travel to photograph a wedding?

A. We are destination wedding photographers and we love to travel domestically and internationally. In Michigan we photograph weddings within 50 miles of Howell at no additional fee. After 50 miles we apply a $0.55/mile travel fee. If overnight accommodations are necessary (see us for details), we will be responsible for securing the hotel at a reasonable rate and we will discuss the cost with you before we book. Air travel will be handled in a similar manner and will be discussed before booking.

Q. How soon until I get to see my wedding proofs?

A. Due to the large volume of pictures captured at weddings, our turn around time on proofs is approximately 6 weeks. However, during our busy season (August - October) an additional week or two delay may sometimes occur. We do our best to get you your proofs online (published to our proofing gallery website) as soon as possible and will let you know the moment they are uploaded. Contact us directly for a specific date, if desired.

Q. How would you describe your working style?

A. We photograph weddings with the goal of preserving memories and moments. To not interrupt or interfere with those moments, we mostly take a photojournalistic approach to your day. We have found that most of the day is best captured candidly as the memories and moments occur naturally. However when the need arises for direction and choreographing, we're happy to lead. We are not pushy or bossy, but will help guide, pose and manuever to help everyone feel comfortable and confident.

Q. Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?

A. Absolutely!! We'd love to see images that you are drawn to and use that as insiration for your wedding day.

Q. Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding? If so, will you have any assistants with you on that day?

A. Yes, you are hiring Kevin and Heather. Often we do bring an assistant with us so that we can focus on our priority (you), and not on fetching a different lens or setting up a light. Our assistant helps with the behind-the-scene photography work on your wedding day, which allows us not to miss a moment with you.

Q. Do you have backup equipment? What about a backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for some reason?

A. We do have backup equipment - plenty of it. Spare cameras, lenses, batteries, etc, just in case.

Yes, we defnitiely have a backup plan, but in all the years of photographing weddings, we've never needed to utilize it. However, in the case of an emergency, we are networked with many other high quality professional wedding photographers that can fill-in for us, just in case. Plus, one of the benefits of hiring Kevin and Heather is that if one of us weren't able to make it due to an unforeseen emergency, the other would still be there with a substitute professional photographer.

Q. How will you (and your assistants) be dressed?

A. Our goal is to blend in with the guests as much as possible (except for the camera at our side, of course). Our dress code is professionally practical and wedding appropriate.

Q. Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?

A. Yes. The only request that we may politely convey is that we photograph first and alone so that we can be sure that we have all eyes on us (this is especially important during group portraits), then if there is time available afterward, your family and guests can take as many pictures as they please. During the bride and groom portraits, we do ask to be the solo photographers so the time is relaxed and comfortable for you, not rushed or distracting by friends or family.

Q. What time will you arrive at the site and for how long will you shoot?

A. This is different for every wedding we attend. Our plan is to be there approximately 15-30 minutes prior to our scheduled start time and leave once we are confident we have captured everything neccessary to tell the story of your day.

Q. How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Our retainer fee is $500 with a signed contract. The retainer reserves your date and guarantees we will turn away all other requests for your wedding date. Once we have received both you are fully booked with us and we are your wedding photographers! The remaining balance is due one week before your wedding. You are welcome to pay in one lump sum, or in smaller payments.

Q. Do you have liability insurance?

A. Yes. Having proper insurance for our business is a must.

Q. What is your postponement/cancellation policy?

A. The retainer fee is non-refundable (due to the refusal of other wedding requests on your date). In case of postponement, your retainer is good for one year past your original wedding date, provided Kevin and Heather are available on that date.