We love Emily!  Emily has been a friend of ours now for a few years and we just absolutely love her and her entire family - they have been a tremendous blessing to us in many ways.  We met the Hunt's when we homeschooled and they attended the same co-op as us.  Shortly after meeting them, they began attending the same church as us and both Emily and her older sister Elizabeth, joining my worship choreography team on Sunday mornings.  We have teamed up to lead worship together, to choreograph dances together, to assist and inspire Elizabeth's photography projects together, and so much more.  So of course we were honored when Emily requested that we be in charge of her senior portraits.

Emily opted to split her session into two mini-sessions so that she could have a bit more variety with her environment and seasons.  Also, during that last year of high school a lot can change and there can be a definite difference in a senior from the beginning of the school year to the end.  With 2 mini-sessions, there is the opportunity to capture the changes in a beautiful way.  The teaser images in this blog are from Emily's first mini-session last week.  Stay tuned in the winter/spring months of 2014 for the rest of her images.  :)

~ Kevin & Heather