Kensington Metro Park holds a special place in Justin and Jessica's hearts, so it was only fitting that we captured their engagement images there.  Both Justin and Jessica worked at Kensington during college and they met one fateful afternoon when they were assigned shifts together.  Jessica said that pretty much right away she thought Justin was hot, and it didn't take long for their love story to begin.

We had fun retracing their steps around the park and got a fun variety of images of the two of them together.   Although Kevin and I love Kensington, and have spent a lot of time there hiking, we loved being introduced to a few areas we hadn't visited before.  It's such a big park with so much to discover, if you have the time to explore.  Thanks Justin and Jessica for showing us around!  :)

Enjoy these few teasers and keep your eye open for the rest of the proofs soon.

~ Kevin & Heather