Gabrielle Gow has practically become a member of our family over the past few weeks.  We recently started boarding her horse, Romeo, on our property and because of him, she is over pretty much every day.  We all love her (even Kevin, although his display of affection is the brotherly sort - complete with sarcasm and practical jokes) and we think her boyfriend, Jake Champagne, is obviously a pretty great guy too.  :)

Well, when you know two professional photographers as well as Gabby does, it's hard to settle for the average, awkwardly posed homecoming pictures that are the norm.  So, what's a girl to do?  Break the mold and buck the tradition!  Gabby hired us to capture images that were much more her ... much more her and Jake ... and much more her, Jake and Romeo.  Check out what we were able to capture in just one brief photoshoot together in our backyard!

(Gabby's hair and make-up were professionally done by Jen Schumaker)

~ Kevin & Heather