Our portrait session with Jordan last week was fun, inspirational and very interesting.  We had a great time getting to know Jordan and his mom, Carrie, and we were blessed with an absolutely beautiful evening touring the area in and around Plymouth, Michigan.

The time we spend with seniors during their sessions tend to really give us a glimpse into the type of young person they are.  We were certainly impressed with what we saw during the time we were with Jordan.  Over the course of the evening several adjectives came to mind to describe Jordan's character.  Some of these adjectives include: talented, dedicated, passionate, respectful, distinguished, fun-loving, and chivalrous.

During our portrait session we got to see a bit of Jordan's chivalrous nature first hand.  While we were right in the heart of downtown Plymouth, an older, gray-haired gentleman stumbled over to where we were photographing Jordan.  For sake of our story, we will call this fellow "Fred".  Carrie was standing to the side holding Jordan's props and clothing when Fred came up to ask us what we were doing.  At first we assumed he was just curious about our large strobe and bags of gear, but we were all surprised with how close he got to Mrs. Uzoni while he spoke.  Kevin and I politly answered a few of his questions, but tried to discourage him from sticking around by turning our attention back to Jordan.  Quickly however, Fred focused all of his attention on Carrie, as if the rest of us no longer existed.  Jordan was obviously uncomfortable with Fred's attention to his mom and was immediately spurred to intervene and rescue her from the uncomfortable situation.   There was no doubt that Jordan was either going to need to step in and address Fred, or we needed to abruptly move on to another portrait location.  After we walked away Carrie laughingly said to us that she thought she might be feeling a little tipsy because of the amount of alcohol she inhaled during Fred's conversation with her!

The experience was a funny one, to be sure, but during the course of it, it was refreshing and encouraging to see Jordan's immediate desire to stand up for and protect his mother.  We consider that to be a chivalrous act and I am sure Carrie has much to be proud of in Jordan.

Fortunately, the rest of our session together was much more relaxed, comfortable and definitely less awkward, and we certainly hope that Jordan and Carrie enjoyed their time with us.  We had fun playing with a few different lighting ideas and were glad the sunset cooperated for some dramatic evening sky shots.

Check out these teasers from Jordan's shoot and leave him some feedback about his images.

~Kevin & Heather