Have we shared with you yet how much we love to photograph high school seniors?  Well, let us remind you again about how passionate we are about capturing the individuality and uniqueness of each senior we have the honor of photographing!  We. Love. It.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to spend the evening with an incredibly talented, naturally beautiful, perpetually joyful young woman.  Lauren is so sweet and radiates God's love in her smile and her grace.  Lauren was referred to us by her good friend and fellow homeschooler (and one of our Senior Model's), Elizabeth Hunt.

Although the weather once again looked dreary earlier in the day, we were surprised and thrilled when the sun broke through the clouds just before sunset right in the middle of our session together.  The colors of the sunset with the cloud formations made an amazing backdrop for a few of Lauren's last images of the evening.  Simply gorgeous.

~ Kevin & Heather