We just love it when we have the opportunity to photograph high school seniors and truly enjoy getting to know them on a deeper level.  We have met so many amazing and incredible 17/18-year-olds this way!  David was no exception to that rule and we had a great time chasing down some amazing fall color with him last week.  We met up with him and his mom in Plymouth, but traveled up to Northville during the course of the evening.

David discovered us because a friend of his family (the Rich's) referred us to him after their portrait session with us last fall.  We hadn't met David before, but we were really excited for his shoot after discussing his ideas via phone and email.  He is an extremely talented drummer and plays in the marching band, as well as on his own kit.  We loved it when he asked if he could bring his drum set out for the session.  Our answer was an enthusiastic yes!  In the end, David decided it was easiest to just bring the drums themselves, but we were so thrilled to set them up in the middle of the woods surrounded by fall leaves.  We wish all of our clients were this inventive and enthusiastic!

Check out David - a.k.a. James Bond - in the images below.  David makes a mean secret agent or perhaps a member of the mafia.  Just a bit of advice - don't mess with the family ... 

But seriously, David is a great guy and we really appreciated how happy, carefree and laid back he was during his session.  We personally want to wish him the best as he sets off on his medical internship soon.  We hope it's an amazing and invaluable experience.

~ Kevin & Heather