Noah and Audri are two crazy lovebirds and it's so much fun to be around them both - their love and joy is contagious!  Their love story actually reminds me a bit of mine and Kevin, and I feel a closer attachment to them even more because of it:  They met and fell in love while working with the youth at church (yep, same with Kevin and I).  They got married young and while still in college (yep, same with Kevin and I).  They have big dreams and big plans for their future (yep, same with Kevin and I).  I wish for them the same love and strong relationship that comes from a marriage built on faith, friendship and forgiveness.

Noah and Audri were blessed with a gorgeous April afternoon for their wedding and we took full advantage of the gorgeous blue skies and bright sun to capture some quick images between the cermeony and the reception.  It was easy capturing red hot romance between Noah and Audri - they just needed an excuse to spend some quality one-on-one time together after such a busy day!

Enjoy these few teasers of their wedding day and be sure to leave some words of love and congratulations for the bride and groom.

~ Kevin & Heather

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