We met Joe and Vicky through one of our all-time favorite family friends - Julie Lupo.  Julie has been an honorary member of our family for the past 9 years and since Julie and Vicky are cousins, it's almost as if Vicky is family too!

We had the opportunity to hang out with Joe and Vicky last weekend when we took their engagement portraits in and around downtown Farmington, MI.  We met up with them at Heritage Park and then headed into town for dinner and more portraits.  We really enjoyed spending time over dinner just chatting with Joe and Vicky and really having the opportunity to get to know them both on a deeper level.  We have no doubt that their wedding is going to be fantastic because they are both laid back, relaxed and a lot of fun!

Enjoy these teasers from their day.  There were so many more images taken, but these are a few of our favorites.  :)

~ Kevin & Heather