I can honestly say that I don't think we have ever worked with a happier, more fun-loving couple than Justin and Emily!  The two of them had us cracking up all evening long and we just loved the fact that it felt like we were hanging out with old friends while capturing some true-life images and just having a blast together.  The spontaneous portraits that we caught of them laughing and hamming it up in front of the camera feel just as important in depicting who they are and their relationship, as do the sexier, romantic ones.

We really appreciated Justin and Emily's excitement over their engagement session and the fact that they didn't mind traipsing all over Ann Arbor to get just the right shots.  We discovered a few new nooks and crannies around town too that we absolutely LOVE.  We're so glad we had Emily there to help us figure out where we wanted to be!

Here is just a little sneak peak of their engaement session with us.  Check out the images and let Justin and Emily know what you think.~ Kevin & Heather