They say the third time's the charm, and it certainly was true with our third attempt at scheduling Jeremy and Nicole's engagement session!  The air was crisp with the first real hint of fall, but the skies were amazing with cloud texture and moody color.  Our previous attempts at scheduling their session resulted in high heat, terrible humidity and thunderstorms.  What a contrast just a few weeks can bring!

We met Jeremy and Nicole in Farmington and it was fun getting to know them a bit better over the course of the evening.  Nicole is one of my dearest friends' neices and so she's practically like distant, long-lost family.  :)  It was about time we got caught up.

Nicole and Jeremy are getting married in Hawaii and we are so excited for them and their destination to a tropical paradise. There is no doubt that their wedding is going to be amazing - they are such a beautiful and wonderful couple!  Enjoy these teasers and let them know what you think of them.

~ Kevin & Heather