Thomas and Courtney lucked out with a very pretty and sunny day for their wedding. We started off the day at Studio 9 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. However, a sunny day in May can sometimes mean a sweltering day, and that's exactly what is was! In fact, it was so hot that I'm sure Courtney felt like she was melting! But, with the help of her personal fan, she was able to handle the heat; even though the church, National Shrine of the Little Flower, did not have the air condition working well! Throughout the rest of the night, Courtney and Tom had a wonderful time. The prettiness of the day made for some stunning and dramatic images; and because Courtney is so creative and detail oriented, not a single detail was missed. In fact, she had crafted or arranged almost every decoration in detail at the reception. We wish you the very best, Tom and Courtney, and thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers!