Kevin and I had the incredible privilege of working with Levi and Allison after they reached out to us from their home in southeast Texas.  They are both originally from Michigan and came across our work after doing a Google search of their ceremony venue, Planterra Conservatory. We had photographed a wedding at Planterra two years prior with videographer Johnny Waller. Kevin and I loved the conservatory and were thrilled to have the opportunity to shoot a wedding there again.

Levi and Allison's wedding day dawned gorgeous and sunny, which made for some cheery and bright images. It's always nice to wake up to a wedding day filled with sunshine!  We started off the day at Pure Salon in Commerce Township, Michigan. After the girls were all dolled up, we then made our way over to the ceremony which was held at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The sunshine made for a warm and toasty service, but one nice thing about a wedding in a greenhouse is that it's always warm and toasty!  :)

After the ceremony, we all climbed into the party bus and made a portrait stop at Heritage Park in Farmington.  We were grateful for plenty of time to capture a good variety of bridal party images, as well as romantic images of the newlyweds.   A well-planned schedule is always a key for a low-stress day, and Levi and Allison embraced the idea and plan completely.  Because the schedule was so well laid out, we were actually able to conclude the portraits early and head over to St. Mary's Cultural Center in Livonia, Michigan for the reception before we were officially due. Since we had a few minutes to kill, Allison decided she wanted to play a spontaneous game of tag with her bridesmaids to pass the time! It was so much fun to see them all laughing and running around together. The rest of the night went wonderfully. The dance floor was always full of guests dancing and having a good time, which resulted in some hilarious and lively images.