It is always special to photograph a wedding and capturing the love of the couple. Yet, it is extra special when you know the bride and/or groom personally, because you know that you are not just attending as a guest, but as a guest who will be able to give them images of their perfect day. Kristy and I had gone to and graduated from high school together, and it was wonderful to see her marry her true love, Kyle. However, since she now lived in North Carolina and it is hard to plan a wedding out of state, she had much of her planning done by wedding coordinator Hannah Hopkins of Upstairs Events. Coincidently, Hannah also graduated from Franklin Road with Kristy and I! It was one big class reunion! The wedding and reception took place at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan. The venue was gorgeous and perfect for a cool spring day because when it got too chilly we were able to go inside and the images were just as wonderful. The ceremony was beautiful; it incorporated worship as well as a small tribute and explanation of the lantern girls. Kristy chose to incorporate lantern girls in addition to the bridal party. The difference was that the lantern girls were friends from growing up, where her bridesmaids were mostly friends from North Carolina. Overall, it was a wonderful day full of love, laughter, and old friends. The images turned out perfect and the fellowship was even better!