Dan and Alyssa's wedding is definitely being added to our list of favorite weddings!  You really couldn't meet two nicer, more genuine and sweet people.  The sincerity and enthusiasm in their love was obvious in every touch, every embrace and every kiss.  We love working with couples as in love as this!

Dan and Alyssa have dated for many years, and can date back their relationship to a pastime they both enjoy - Civil War Reenacting.  In fact, both of their families are heavily involved in reenactment and travel all over the country to attend events.  It is such a fascinating hobby and I think it is so wonderful that it is something they can continue participating in now as a married couple.

In honor of their Civil War Era dedication, Alyssa's dress (which was lovingly handmade by her mother-in-law) is a reflection of 19th century design, with a modern touch.  Her hair was also meant to reflect times gone by with a hint toward the early 1900s.  There was so much thought and effort put into every detail of Dan and Alyssa's wedding, and both families were intimately involved in so many of the details.  It is so neat to witness such strong family bonds and deep, committed family love!

These teasers are but a small glimpse of the very full day.  There are so many moments and details that we would love to share and cannot wait to share the remainder of Alyssa and Dan's proofs with them soon.

~ Kevin & Heather