It is so exciting when we are blessed with an incredible client, an incredible night and incredibly yummy light - for Jamie's Senior Portraits we had all three!!!  It may seem ridiculous to some, but we were actually giddy about the golden glow of the evening sun, and come on, check out Jamie's killer blue eyes and Taylor Swift curls!!!  There is just so much to love!

Jamie was so much fun and so relaxed, most likely because she is a talented, budding photographer herself and knows what looks good in front of the camera.  Her first request for locations was a pair of railroad tracks right next to her house.  She said that she and her friends like to shoot here regularly and she felt it would be appropriate and cool to capture her own portraits on the same set of tracks.  We were fortunate enough to arrive right as a train came barreling down the tracks.  We were scrambling to get into position quickly enough to grab a few shots, but were able to get Jamie lined up just as the last few cars rumbled by.  We just love opportunities like that!

The rest of the evening was spent in Kensington Metro Park, where there are just so many great portrait opportunities.  We specifically chose to utilize the amazing evening light to highlight Jamie's golden locks and beautiful porcelain skin.  Shooting into the sun and playing with sun flares is always fun and really seemed appropriate with Jamie's sunny personality and sweet spirit.

Enjoy these fun teasers from Jamie's session and be sure to leave her some love.  <3
Jamie is not only a beautiful face and a talented photographer, she is also an accomplished black belt in Taekwondo - trust us, she could kick some serious booty!  To finish off the evening, we had some fun grabbing these shots of Jamie demonstrating a few of her forms.  Impressive!!!

~ Kevin & Heather