Morgan has been planning her senior portraits with us ever since we met her when she was 14, so you can imagine how excited we were for this day to finally arrive!!!  Add to the excitement the fact that Morgan finally achieved her dream of owning her own horse, and you know that this evening was incredibly special!  She is a fun-loving, tried and true country girl - a woman after my (Heather's) own heart.  <3

We were blessed to have been able to capture Morgan's portraits on the last really warm summer day of the season.  It was an overcast evening, but the air stayed mild and breezy.  We loved the personality in the cloudy skies and the beautiful even lighting that perfectly highlighted Morgan's beautiful, golden hair.  Even though it got dark earlier than other nights because of the cloud cover, we had fun capturing images of Skeeter and Morgan racing around our back field.  Morgan specifically asked for a few shots combining two of her biggest loves - her horse and her country.  It was a bit tricky acclimating Skeeter to our strobe, but once he learned that the big flashy thing wasn't going to bite him, he performed great (despite being a bit of a hot head).

Morgan is such a natural beauty and seriously has the most beautiful skin we have ever had the luxury of photographing!  We had such a good time with her and loved how natural and flawlessly she posed for the camera.  If we hadn't all missed dinner, we probably could have photographed Morgan all night long.  Our stomachs, however, won over and we reluctantly wrapped up an amazing portrait session.

Thank you, Morgan, for a great night and for making your session so much fun!  We hope you LOVE your images and treasure these moments forever.

~ Kevin & Heather