Fairytale wedding?  Yes, indeed!!!

David and Becca's wedding was truly one of the most beautiful, most joyous and most passionate weddings that we have ever had the honor of photographing.  The day was a celebration and the entire bridal party and family treated it as such.  Becca and David were determined to fully enjoy their special day - they played, flirted, skipped and ran barefoot through our entire time together.  Just by being around them and witnessing their joy and love left us with huge grins on our faces.

The wedding day was scheduled perfectly - David and Becca really worked together with us to allow adequate time for all of the must-have images, and plenty of time for us to play and have some fun together.  One of the most incredible moments of the entire day was the perfectly orchestrated First-Look.  First Looks are extremely beneficial to a wedding day schedule, but most importantly they are wonderful because they truly give the bride and groom a special, uninterrupted, beautiful moment together that they otherwise may not ever get during their entire wedding day.  David and Becca really put a lot of thought and effort into finding just the right spot for their first glimpses of each other.  We walked about a half mile down a winding path in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, to a boardwalk next to a small waterfall.  David stood blindfolded with his back to the trail.  Becca quietly slipped up behind him and it was so sweet to witness the tender moment when they first glimpsed each other.  David kept his eyes shut a moment after the blindfold was removed and you could tell there was unmistakable joy pouring out of him when he looked his new bride-to-be in the eyes.  A sweeter moment may not exist.  Ever.
After an incredible tender few minutes together, David and Becca took a moment to share their very personal, original wedding vows with each other.  The fact that we were able to witness such sweet pledges of commitment and love was an honor and a privilege. 
Becca is definitely the most relaxed and fun bride we've photographed yet, and we LOVED it!  She went barefoot the entire day and truly embraced her dress and all the fun she could have in it.  If she felt like running around Cobblestone Farm before the ceremony - she did.  Nothing could dampen her joy and excitement.  
David is such an intentional, well-thought guy and took a moment before the ceremony began to gather his groomsmen together and to share with them why he chose them to support him and surround him on this special day.  They certainly were a great group of men, and the bridesmaids were also incredibly supportive and loving to Becca all day.
We've witnessed a lot of wedding ceremonies during our photography career, and both Kevin and I definitely agree that this one ranks among our favorites.  The words and symbolism throughout were meaningful and poignant.  The promises and the commitments were enthusiastically sincere.  We especially liked the use of the sword within the ceremony and the fact that it represented the need to fight daily for marriage and for David and Becca's relationship before men and above all, before God.  I think Kevin and I are going to go out and get a sword to put on our mantel now because we feel strongly about the importance of fighting daily for the commitment we made to each other 13 years ago.  <3
David and Becca chose to embrace their commitment to fight for their marriage and for each other solemnly and seriously.  ;)
Cobblestone Farm was a gorgeous venue and the reception was beautifully decorated in very earthy, natural decorations.  Both Kevin and I loved the way that David and Becca incorporated lanterns and strings of lights throughout the historic barn to give the room a warm, romantic glow.

David and Becca, thank you so much for all of your hard work in pursuing and winning our 2012 Wedding Giveaway this past Spring.  We were so impressed by all of the love and support you received to accumulate all of your votes, and we truly feel honored to be able to bless you with complete wedding day coverage as your prize.  It was a joy and an honor to be a part of your wedding day and we will pray for you and your marriage often.  God bless!

~ Kevin & Heather