We had such a fun night with Jolene for her senior portraits!  Really, I think it was the most dramatic portrait session we've had in a long time, and we laughed and joked our way through the whole thing!

Lest we be boring, we started our portrait session with Jolene in downtown Milford, right at the same time as Music in the Park began.  There were so many people in the park for the concert and another professional photographer also working their senior in between the crowds around Central Park, so we had to strategically angle and arrange our shots.  Jolene was a great sport though and we were able to spend a lot of time in the back corners of the park, which are, of course, the most beautiful part of the area.

From Central Park we headed over to the railroad tracks and then on to Kensington to catch sunset.  This is where the drama really kicked into high gear - there was a storm front moving in and the clouds were simply unbelievable!  We took a lot of great shots against the amazing natural backdrop God provided, and then headed back to downtown Milford to try to beat the rain.

As fast as we were, we weren't fast enough and the rain began to pour ... and I mean really pour!  We huddled under an umbrella at first, but quickly realized that the umbrella just wasn't going to cover it and headed back to our cars.  Soon, the rain began to soften (slightly) and Jolene was totally up to shooting in the rain.  (I think she may be our first senior girl willing to do so!)  We huddled under the umbrella with our equipment and Jolene got drenched!  Eventually, the rain did stop, so even though it was late, we walked into downtown again and had some fun with the wet, night time streets of Milford.

It truly was a fun, unusual, and gorgeous night!  We enjoyed spending time with Jolene and her family, and we hope you enjoy seeing some of the teasers from our session together.  Leave Jolene some love and let her know what you think of her images!

~ Kevin & Heather

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