It is so fun planning out the summer and it's exciting looking forward to picking our Senior Models for each new school year.  We look for someone friendly, outgoing and personable, as well as someone who is willing to have fun and be relaxed in front of the camera.  When we met Kendra in the Spring at our church district's Fine Arts competition, we immediately thought she'd make an excellent rep.  Of course, her gorgeous red hair and bright green/blue eyes were also a big draw because of how striking we knew she'd look in camera.  We were thrilled when she said yes after we asked if she'd be our model!

Getting to know Kendra has been so much fun since she is such a talented and gifted young lady.  She is well known at her school for her successful nail and make-up business, Kb Nail Design, she plays the flute, she is super active at her church and in her youth group, she loves girly things, but is not afraid to get down and dirty.  She is a very well-rounded, solidly planted young lady, and she has a genuine smile that truly lights up a room.  We loved how adventuresome she was during our photoshoot, and how she and her sister had scouted out some great, new locations for us to try.  The most beautiful was the small stream and dam they found nestled at the back of their subdivision.  Kendra did not even hesitate taking off her shoes and wading into the chilly water for some really cool shots by the falls.  Of course, Kevin and I were completely on board the idea of getting out into the river to get something different and unique.  :)

Our senior models get a free mini-session in the spring/early summer so they have images to advertise and share, and our session with Kendra was last week.  We love these short little sessions, but we are always left anticipating our full session with them in the fall/winter.  Although our time with Kendra was limited, she was so easy to work with and we were able to capture a great variety of really stunning images.  Here is just a few of our favorites from the mini-session:

Kendra nearly stepped on this turtle as we were packing up our gear to climb out of the water.  I was impressed that she didn't even hesitate to pick it up and pose with it.  That's my kind of girl!  :)
~ Kevin & Heather Autry