We have been looking forward to photographing Susanna's senior portraits for well over a year now and were excited to finally have to opportunity to spend the evening with Suzy and her mom!  Suzy is fun, laid back and truly a kindred spirit.  :)  In between our portrait locations we talked graduation plans, great movies we've seen, and sang in the car at the top of our lungs (well, Suzy and I sang - Kevin and Christina just talked over us and regarded us both as a little "off") - it was perfect!

Susanna was so easy to work with and gorgeous to photograph!  It was a challenge not to get carried away taking pictures, but we did end up shooting until well after dark.  When it was just too cold to be fun anymore we headed over to the Chinese restaurant in town and had a late night dinner of Crab Rangoon, General Tso, and Sweet & Sour Chicken - yum!

Enjoy just this little glimpse of Susanna's session.

~ Kevin & Heather