Typically, March senior portraits sessions are taken in thick sweaters, scarves, mittens and boots.  Layers, layers and more layers.  Not this spring, though.  Our senior portrait session with David Holt was gorgeous - 76 degrees, sunny and just a tiny bit breezy!  Did I mention it was gorgeous?!?  It's as if we've been picked up and transported to Florida!  Although it may not last, you will not find us complaining about the early spring.  We are enjoying comfortable, temperate outdoor portrait sessions again.  Yay!!!

We met David and his family in downtown Dearborn for his senior portrait session on Monday.  We feel like we're keeping it all in the family because we photographed David's cousin, Donovin, last summer and we have a session this evening with David's cousin, Kenneth.  We really love this family and are so grateful that we've gotten a chance to get to know them all.  Thanks Wayne for the initial referral, and thanks Aziza for continuing to refer us!  :)

Enjoy these teasers from our session with David, and keep a look out for Kenneth's portraits within the next few days.

~ Kevin & Heather

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