Last week we had the amazing opportunity to work with Johnny and Amber Waller (of Johnny Waller Productions) in our very first wedding mentorship program.  Johnny is an extremely talented videographer, and also a talented photographer, but he had never photographed a wedding before.  Weddings are a HUGE deal, so he asked Kevin and I if we would mentor him through his first wedding experience.  Kevin and I have mentored photographers before, but this was our first on-the-job wedding mentor experience, and it was a great success!

We met with Johnny beforehand and talked through the wedding day, details to be prepared for, and strategies for achieving the best images.  Then, on the day of the wedding, we were Johnny's wingmen and resource for all things wedding.  We second shot with him, but he took the starring role as lead photographer with his clients.  We were there for reassurance, guidance, comfort, and coverage.  We were there for technical assistance, posing suggestions and troubleshooting.  Basically, we were there to try and make Johnny's wedding as relaxing as possible for Johnny and the bride and groom.We absolutely love Johnny and his beautiful bride, Amber, and appreciate them asking us along to their wedding at the gorgeous Planterra.  Check out the image below that Johnny shot of Michael and Sarah before the ceremony.  Man, we love his style!  :)

If you are a photographer (or if you know a photographer) that would like more information on our mentorship programs, please contact us at or 248.670.6346.  Our programs are custom designed to the needs of our photographers.  Email or call us today.

~ Kevin & Heather