Once October rolls around it's always hard to predict what the weather is going to be like for our portrait sessions.  Every now and then we get blessed with some absolutely beautiful, summer-like evenings, just like we did for Lauren's senior portraits!  The warm breeze lasted well into sunset and we were able to really enjoy our time with Lauren without freezing or chattering teeth!

We've known Lauren for a few years now and met her though her best friend, Jamie Vickers.  However, it's been about a year since we've seen Lauren and it was so much fun having the opportunity to spend an entire evening with her and Jamie again!  We first met in Brighton after Lauren had her make-up professional done by Kendra Warren of Kb Nail Designs, and then carpooled down to Ann Arbor together.  Our first stop was Nichol's Arboretum to get some great portraits amidst the woods and gardens.  Then, it was off to the downtown area and the UofM campus.  There are always so many cool locations in and around Ann Arbor, and Lauren had her heart set on a few of the best - Graffiti Alley and the Law Quad.

It was effortless to get so many great shots of Lauren because she is such a beautiful girl (check out those amazing blue eyes!) and very photogrenic.  She was extremely comfortable in front of the camera and that made working with her easy and fun!  Please enjoy this small glimpse of a few of our favorite images from our session with her.  The rest of her proofs are uploaded to our proofing site: http://pictage.com/1337688.  Check them out and be sure to let Lauren know how beautiful she looks!

~ Kevin & Heather Autry