Yesterday we had so much fun playing out in the snow with Audri and Noah for their engagement portraits.  They were amazingly hardy in the biting cold, but the experience was so worth the frostbite!  <brrrrrrr>

Audri has been an important part of our lives for the past few years and we are so happy to welcome Noah to the relationship.  Noah will definitely keep you howling with laughter - he has a fun and zany sense of humor, to be sure!  The only downside to the craziness - we actually had to work on NOT smiling too much - how often does that happen?!?  lol

The best part of the evening was the spontaneous snowball fight just before we all were completely frozen from head-to-toe (Audri and Noah even more so then us) and had to head inside. 

Enjoy this small sample of images from their session and leave Noah and Audri some love.  :)

~ Kevin & Heather