Last weekend we had the opportunity to shoot Aaron and Christiana's wedding at the gorgeous Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, Ohio.  Dispite it being one of the hottest and muggiest days of the entire summer (98 degrees with 152% humidity - ok, I'm not sure what the humidity was, but it was sticky for sure!), the wedding went beauifully and the details were amazing!  We loved working with both Aaron and Christiana, and it was so cool that we just happened to know about half of their bridal party even before the wedding.  Aaron's brother, Chris, works with Kevin, and I know Christiana's sister, Satya, from homeschooling and her sister-in-law, Amy, from church.  What a small world!

Enjoy this sample of images from Aaron and Christiana's big day and leave them lots of love!
And we just wanted to end this blog post with the sweetest image from the day - Aaron and Christiana did not want to see each other before the ceremony, but they did want to have a moment together.  You could just feel the love and joy radiating from both of them the moment their hands touched around the corner.

~ Kevin & Heather