Hey all, if you're at all like us...we LOVE our coffee!  Specifically, Caribou Coffee (I know, I know - hard to believe in this Starbuck-crazed world!!).


Kevin - Turtle Mocha - Dark Chocolate, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, with Whip

Heather - Mint Condition - Dark Chocolate, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, No Whip


As much as we love these, we all know they can get to be quite expensive.  So I, Kevin, have taken it upon myself to master making my own Turtle Mocha at home...at least as close as possible without an expresso machine and an endless supply of Caribou Coffee beans.

For me, mint and chocolate just should not be combined so as for the mastering of Heathers drink...well she's on her own - no taste testing will be done here.  :)

That being said, if you're like myself and are interested in saving a few bucks, by all means, continue reading.  For my Turtle Mocha knock-off I use the following (all measurements are approximate, and make about...well my travel mug size ~14 oz):

- 1.5 Tbs Chocolate Syrup (Hershey's Special Recipe Dark)

- 1Tbs Carmel Syrup (Hershey's)

- 2 tsp Sugar

- 2 tsp heaping Instant Coffee* (we like NesCafe brand from Costco)

- 8 oz Hot Water

- 3-4 oz Milk (your choice on fatiness)

 * We like using instant coffee because it allows a bolder, more expresso-like flavor than regular brewed coffee, and it can be easily tailored to taste. *

And there you have it, nothing super exciting about the ingrediants...but it's close enough to Caribou's that I'm happy drinking it everyday.  And seeing the nutritional info from their site (snipit below), I'm pretty sure that mine is a little bit 'less bad' for us.

 Tutle Mocha

Serving size (g): 479.0

Calories: 580.0

Total Fat (g): 27.0

 YIKES!  An occasional treat - yes, but not everyday.