How is your life thrown into a tail spin when the power goes out?

As much as we love rustic camping (and disconnecting occasionally from the electronic society that we all live in) sometimes it is difficult to give our day-to-day luxuries up. Yesterday we were expecting some pretty sever thunderstorms here in the Metro Detroit area.

We were out working in the yard right up until the storm was about to hit and we heard the tornado sirens.  Usually, this is the point where I run for the camera to get some cool storm cloud images (lol), however this time we decided to head inside.  Immediately the storm hit, the power went out, winds kicked in and the rain came...and then it was over...all within about 10 minutes.  The rain stopped quickly, the skies cleared, the winds settled back down,but the power didn't come back on. Now what?  I had promised the kids earlier in the day that we would play video games once the storm came, but that's a little difficult to do without power. Fortunately, their Nintendo DS's were charged and they were able to play for a while before bed - promise kept.

Of course, quickly after the power went out, Heather noticed her phone battery was about shot. And what can we as US citizens not live without?  Our cellphones! What do we for the Vagabond portable power system, by Paul C Buff, of course. :)

Typically this is only used for our on location strobes when our new Vagabond Minis are exhausted, but when times are desparate...we'll do what is necessary.

A bit later, Heather and I decided to catch up on Harry Potter movies and watched Order of the Phoenix.  We wanted to be up-to-speed before we see the final movie.  The problem was our laptop battery wasn't quite charged enough for the full 2 hour 18 minute movie. So what do we run for again?  The Vagabond of course!

So handy...

To end the night perfectly, as soon as the movie was over the power came back on.

~ Kevin


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