Although the day was certainly chilly, the sun was shining beautifully and it was a great day to be outside!  We just recently gained a new hooved resident in our barn and the boys couldn't wait to get to know "Lady".  I'm sure Romeo was glad for come company as well - herd animals just hate to be alone.

While we were meeting in our office with clients, Gabrielle Gow took Elijah and Kaden out for a little ring riding in the pasture.  She grabbed these shots of them as they practiced their cowboy skills.   They loved it and I'm so happy we have little cowboys-in-the-making!

After our client session was over, Gabrielle and I decided to head out on a trail ride together.  Despite bundling up from head to toe we both froze a bit, but it was still a ton of fun.  The icy roads and trails made the evening a bit more challenging, but we're always up for a little excitement!

Darkness came quickly and you know I was on the hunt for the perfect sunset photo-op!  Gabby knows the trails really well and took us up to the top of a big hill off the beaten path for the best angle.  I quickly grabbed this shot from Lady's back and am glad it wasn't blurry or out of whack since she was antsy to keep moving.  :)
~ Heather