Every three months, for the past 9+ months, we have been lucky enough to be able to photograph little Miss Evie as she's grown.  And my, how she's gotten big over the past few months!  When we first photographed her as a newborn she was so teeny tiny and now she is so much more alert, capable and simply joyful!

We have loved working with Krystin and Jerad so regularly over this past year and are excited to present them their images each time their session teasers are posted.  It's like giving them a little bit of Christmas each and every time.  :)  Please have fun looking through these great fall images and let Krystin, Jerad and Evie know what you think!

P.S.  The pumpkin and apple hats were all handcrafted by Krystin - AMAZING and so stinking ADORABLE!

~ Kevin & Heather

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