The wind was blowing, the cold air was biting, the snowflakes were tumbling down; and while our mini-session with Scarlett may have been chilly, the afternoon was still a ton of fun!  Both Kevin and I felt it was worth braving the cold to capture winter beauty at it's best, but the real person to ask would be Scarlett.  We were both moving around working up some heat in our thick winter jackets, gloves and layers while Scarlett stood shivering in the wind.  You'd never guess she was even the slightest bit cold though, with her amazing smile and boss modeling skills.  :)

Scarlett is near and dear to our hearts because she has been our photography intern for the past 2 years.  Now she is a talented photographer of her own, with a successful company and multiple photography scholarships to colleges all over the country.  Just recently she was also nominated for the Award of Excellence Full Scholarship at The College of Creative Studies here in the Detroit area!  She is full of remarkable potential and we are excited to see where Scarlett's future leads.

These images below are just a small sample of Scarlett's complete Senior Portraits.  She wanted a few images to capture the beauty of snow and winter, but the rest of her session will be captured in the spring when the weather is a bit more friendly.  Enjoy her teasers and check back in a few months for the rest!

~Kevin & Heather